Saturday, April 12, 2008

Groundhog Day!

Seems like it will never end! The problem is the lack of light we ghost along but the sails slat and the wind vane gets cranky and our progress is sloooowwww! But the sun is shining, so hot and bright we have to hide from it! And the beautiful white fluffy trade wind clouds drift across the sky like giant marshmallows....we tried putting up the drifter, a large light air sail, but since the roller furler was installed there is nowhere to hank it on. So we flew it free but that was an
enormous effort for very little reward as we could not maintain the course. So with even greater effort (remember the sun! And the big fluffy clouds!) we took it down and motored for a couple of hours to break the monotony and charge the batteries. Now we are sailing again but very slowly.
The foot infection seems better today. When I get too active it flares up a bit but the swelling is pretty much gone and no sign of infection.
You may have noticed these updates are happening on a different schedule lately. It seems the propagation for getting a winlink connection is better later in the day now so I try to do them before sunset instead of in the morning.
Two of the boats ahead of us in the radio net have now anchored on Fatu Hiva and report about 17 boats in the bay. Sounds pretty crowded but we expect most of them will have moved on by the time we get there in about four days at this rate.
Coconut fish soup for dinner tonight! Must say this fish is a treat and we are still enjoying it! Unfortunately the beer bread did not work out this morning.....worked fine the last time but the inside would not cook today for some reason. I have been spoiled with banana bread (with chocolate chips), cheese bread and beer bread so we are not starving out here. We do miss the occasional glass of wine though!
Now if you could all focus your thoughts on sending us another 10 knots of wind from the ESE, it would be appreciated!

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