Thursday, May 17, 2012

bottom job!

Must be getting close to 'splash' time when the bottom gets painted!  I know, it's really boring...guess you had to be there!  Hopefully have some shots of the crane lifting Toketie back in on Monday....

On another front...had a bit of rain this morning so the ground was wet when I tested the problem with the Pactor hoping getting back in the water will resolve the issue!  Maybe just a lesson in 'remaining grounded'....

Have waypoints to Honiara in the Solomons, then Majuro Atoll in the Marshals.... then a big leg back to Vancouver Island!

You know how sometimes things just seem to fall all over themselves to happen?  Well this seems to be one of those times....something is inexorably leading me on to some destiny....hopefully a crowd of happy people in the Inner Harbour of Victoria at the end of August....but that's a lot of water under the keel so I try not to guess what tomorrow will bring!

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Anonymous said...

David.... realy looking forward to seeing you in August. Hope you get moorage at Fishermans Wharf - will keep the coffee on!
Pete & Wendy