Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Dec 18 update!

Well, the roller furler/reefing unit is finally on after about 8 months!  Of course its not quite complete....still need a director block at the top of the mast to prevent the halyard from winding around the forestay and the tube has only one sail slot while we ordered two!  So these items are to be addressed...soon we hope!  Also, rumour has sit our new high test anchor chain, all 300 feet of it, shipped from Washington State is now in Quadalajera and could show up here today!  Also holding my breath on that one!  But hey, its almost christmas and that's when miracles can happen!  Found someone that can repair the scratches to the hull, waiting for a quote on it.  Meanwhile cowboy Bob who caused the problem remains elusive.....also got quotes for haulout in January!  Put new vent scoop cowlings on today, brings more air down below!  Missing my first mate though....my cooking has definitely gotten rusty!  New charge controller in place and working great!  Batteries did take a beating though in going dry, maybe lost 20-30 % of their ability.  Wind generator on the way from San Diego on the good ship Tarun, along with mounting poles and brackets!  Boy do we owe those guys big time...meanwhile life crawls along in Puerto Vallarta Marina.....cool at night but sun is very hot during the day.  Almost time for cerveza and siesta.....what a life!

Sunday, December 09, 2007

Home Again, Home Again!

Back on board!  Lots of scrubbing and putting back together.

Saturday, December 08, 2007


Staying in the village of Guyabitos outside of PV!  Cleaning up Toketie and getting back into cruising mode.  Stay tuned for updates!!