Friday, September 21, 2012

another sunset

we were often treated to spectacular skies as the sun went down....

Sunday, September 09, 2012

Home again, Home again!

Sorry for the long delay in providing the closing chapter! 
Yes, we made it into Victoria Harbor that Thursday night on our 45th day from Majuro in the Marshall Islands, three months from Aus.  I have not calculated the distance yet but would estimate that last leg as approximately 4500nm and the overall passage as close to 7000nm. 
We were piped on to the customs dock in true scottish fashion, thanks Darroch and greeted by sign-waving fans.....:)...what a great feeling that was. 
So Toketie is tucked away into her slip in Maple Bay Marina for the moment.  After a few days of R and R, we began the tedious process of cleaning and sorting through the list of chores on board.  But it is beautiful fall weather with hot sunny days and cool nights so the work is going slowly and we are enjoying the peace and quiet.  It is wonderful to have Toketie back in BC and are looking forward to local cruising for the next while. 
More pics and info on the N Pacific passage to follow as I get them sorted......