Sunday, April 29, 2012

life on board

....cluttered perhaps is the on board in the yard...fortunately accessing the facilities at the yacht club next door....myriad of minor projects to attend to every day from the cocoons in the speed transducer impeller to the antenna wire for the HF acting up so rode a borrowed bike 4k to a mall today and bought an Olympus tough camera...on the bigger front, have an autopilot on the way, an engineer lined up to help install the hydraulic drive, the crane scheduled for May 21st and crew arriving shortly is a busy time and good wine is hard to find so have to resort to rum on occasion...seems to be an occasion every day when the sun goes down....ordered two charts to fill the N Pacific gap....will be a minor miracle if this actually happens.....'shank's mare' has elevated to 'folding cycle'.....and as the wise man said..."this too shall pass"....

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Captain on board!

The skipper has safely navigated 30 hours of airspace to land in Townsville.....jet-lagged and exhausted....and very thirsty for some reason...could be the 30 degrees and high humidity....Toketie seems none the worse for wear...bit of a leak through a porthole but no damage found so far.....batteries up and running and charged....topsides need a good stop...the Yacht Club Bar!!