Saturday, January 05, 2008

January in Vallarta

About time for another update!  Fuel tanks scrubbed out....what a job!  All fuel filters changed!  Maybe next time my kids come to visit....I'll be able to take them out of the harbour.  Last week we bounced around at the entrance, blocking any cruise ship egress....till the Capitaine de Puerto came out and yelled at us...didn't offer any assistance or anything as I got the anchor down to hold us off the rocks....fortunately the good ship 'Symbiosis' came along with Captain Andre to tow us in...well the universe was in a perverse mood at the time so after we hitched the tow line to him...his engine failed as well!!  So not sure who was rescuing who but it all turned out for the best in this best of all possible worlds as the good Dr. Pangloss would say!  Engine now running....awaiting return of first mate.....good ship Tarun on the way to deliver wind generator....meanwhile one day melts into another....sun shines hot and roving mariachi bands interfere with attempted skype....more to follow.....

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