Thursday, March 27, 2008

10th day at sea

Whoever said, "its the journey, not the destination" obviously never had a long ocean passage on a small sailing ship! Almost makes one consider one of them light displacement go-fast hulls or egads, maybe even a catamaran!! But no, Toketie is everything we hoped she would be and if we won't win any races, there are some advantages to being at the back of the pack. Good weather information from those ahead for one and a more comfortable ride for another!
Batteries low so had to run the engine for the second time. Fridge, radios and navigation are the hungry ones! But without good food, and it's been great, knowing where you are and talking to others, what would be the point? The days melt one into another. The moon now rises at after 1AM so its black as pitch from 9PM on...and I mean black! With some cloud cover and no stars above, it is like being underground in a cave. The winds have increased moderately and it is very comfortable sailing.
It is complicated and takes energy to rig a pole for the headsail so we are now taking long tacks downwind. It is a better angle to the seas and we go faster, if longer on the course!
Alcohol free for ten days now, the shakes have stopped...just kidding...its nice actually and we only have coffee as a treat on weekends due to the work involved in cleaning the darn pot! We drink lots of tea though and tang like stuff with sugar in it. Boat nearby pulled in 2 Dorado's yesterday so we strung a line out..nothing yet!
Anyway, gotta go to work...haha...really...duty calls!

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