Friday, March 28, 2008

The motion

It is one of the most fascinating aspects of blue water sailing. We are 1000 miles from shore with almost 2000 miles to go before we reach our destination in the Marquesas. We have finally reached the famous NE trade winds! And everything I've heard and read and remember about them is true. Blue skies with fluffy white clouds, a fairly constant wind from more or less the same direction are trademarks. In sailing terms that translates as fewer sail changes and fewer course corrections to the
wind vane self steering system. It is also a very comfortable 15 knots of wind and could reach 20 knots soon we are told. Toketie is a heavy boat, 17 tons, and likes a little wind to reach her stride.
But back to the motion! During the day we fly along either wing and wing, rolling like a drunken sailor, or on a very broad reach, our favourite point of sail at the moment. The swells, averaging 12-15 feet come up behind us and gently raise the stern as they roar past us, like some freight train on its way to distant shores. In doing so Toketie will slew slightly to the side and sometimes surf down the face of the swell. It is exhilarating sailing! But the night is when the motion truly comes
alive. You lie in the berth as if suspended and can feel the forward motion of the boat, the rocking side to side and the slewing down the waves. If you close your eyes, you can imagine you are riding on some magic carpet through the darkness with only the distant stars to orient you.
What a great way to fall asleep!

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Hey.. I remembered the blog.. now I know you are safe and well.
Found you on Yotreps, David will be excited to chart your course again.
Keep on sending the reports.
Love Deb and David