Wednesday, April 02, 2008

April 2nd, Wednesday at sea!

The sun is up! We had a very comfortable night, sailing at 5-6 knots almost due south. The wind is holding now and we took a reef out and our speed is closer to 7 knots. Lots of sheet lightning in the atmosphere south of us overnight. Other boats reporting squalls south and west but we have been spared and are rested. Expect to have to go through the ITCZ again as it moved 240 south two days ago when we were half way through it. It is one of the most unstable weather phenomena's in the world
apparently and is totally unpredictable and moves very fast. Our goal at this stage is to move south as quickly as possible and get through it.
Meanwhile the coffee pot is on and it is an beautiful sunny day with a perfect breeze from the right direction....aren't I tempting fate by stating that!
We'll take it where we can is the lesson here! Toketie continues to perform marvellously and is a very dry and comfortable boat. Some minor modifications for ease of sail handling will be in order however in NZ.
Appreciate the ITCZ summary wx reports JD!!
Don't work too hard now! Cheers from the skipper and crew!

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