Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Fish story!

Caught a beauty yesterday! We were down below and both heard the fishing rod whirr as it struck. I spent maybe half an hour reeling it in and then lifted it over the side with a gaff! What a gorgeous looking fish! Not sure what it is but some of the other boats suggested maybe a Wahoo or Bonito or Blue Marlin! It was three feet long and narrow through the body, with a large fin on its back that extended all the way from the back of the head to the tail. The colouring was spectacular. It was
a deep blue on its back and a silvery blue on its belly. It had a bill about 8 inches long and coming to a point. The meat was white and very mild. We must have gotten 2 kg of it by the time I finished the messy filleting job. Linda made chunks of the filets in the frying pan with garlic and butter and it tasted marvellous. We now have lots of meat in the bottom of the fridge. Probably not cold enough to freeze it so we will be eating fish for a few days!
Other than the excitement of our first fish, winds have been light and died down to almost nothing overnight. We inch along making slow progress but every day the distance shortens. We have gone to 2 hour watches at night now because 3 hours was too long. This way when we hit the bunk for our 2 hour sleep, we pass right out and are more or less ready for the next watch.
Winds have freshened moderately and are at least from the right direction to carry us directly to the Marquesas. They are currently about 12 kts out of the ESE.
Batteries took a big hit two nights ago so I checked the fluid and added some but nothing serious. Have to watch them.
Anyway, 726.6 miles to Fatu Hiva!

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Keep up the good work.