Friday, April 11, 2008


In the tropics the smallest cut can turn into something serious pretty quickly. In my case, I was not as diligent as usual the day we left Mexico when I gouged my foot on deck, running around barefoot of course, also not the smartest thing to be doing. Anyway, instead of cleaning it, sterilizing it and dressing it like I usually do, we were so busy and the winds were strong getting offshore that it was neglected for two days before I had a look at it. Didn't seem so bad so I cleaned it and tried
to keep a band aid on it, not easy in this environment where every time you go forward on deck, your feet get wet. Well, it seems that it healed over but was infected on the inside so two nights ago, during the fronts we were subjected to all night, it started swelling up and throbbing. Pretty soon I was incapacitated and could not walk on it! Not a great situation with 5 or 6 days still before landfall. So when things calmed down a bit, we had a look at it and found there seemed to be some fluid
building up inside. So we got out the medical kit and with a sterile blade I sliced it open. Lots if icky yellow stuff came out but that's good! All those dead soldiers fighting the foreign invaders were trying to keep my body whole. After lots of alcohol, on the wound unfortunately, we put antibiotic cream on it and a gauze pad so it could breathe. As an extra precaution, I started on a strong dose of tetracycline. By morning now, the swelling and discomfort have gone down and I can walk on
it again. Still have to keep it clean and sterile and hope we got it all but prospects are brighter today!
Dinner last night was fish again and this has to be the best fish I've ever tasted. Found some pictures of fish but it was not among them and it is not a wahoo as someone suggested, maybe a bonito. Still lots of it in the fridge too!
On the sailing front, we were rewarded with a wonderful night of 10-12 kt breeze and Toketie sailed herself directly towards Fatu Hiva all night. With daylight now, the wind is going light but usually fills in later in the morning. The skies are blue and we have less than 500 miles to go! I wonder what today will bring?

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