Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Inter Tropical Convergence Zone!

Well, we are into the thick of it now! Not really a planned event but two days ago the clouds and showers started to surround us and before we could make the decision whether to head south, it was upon us. So the mountain came to Mohammed! We accepted the gesture and are doing our best to get through it! Hard to describe really...no sleep last night...Linda got a little but we were nailed over and over again by these cells that apparently just form out of nowhere at any time. They have torrential
rain in them that has washed the boat down nice. And they have wind, so far for us only about 25 kts or so but other boats nearby report up to 35 kts. They hit suddenly and are gone in half an hour or so depending on the size and intensity. Needless to say, lots of sail changes are involved if you want to keep moving.
Dawn was a relief! We are surrounded by grey skies and can see rain in the East. The systems move from East to West and travel quickly. We were picking them up on the radar and being ready for them after the first couple of experiences but the radar quit working last night so we managed in the blackness just reacting when they hit. The grey daylight is still easier than the darkness. It went very light this morning and we crawled along, ran the engine for a couple of hours and now it has come
up again from the NE at about 10-15 kts. It's not uncomfortable but very tiring. Talked to the boats ahead of us and looks like we are in for this for 4 or 5 more days before breaking through to the other side. Talked to Don Anderson on the SSB as well and he agreed with our plan to dive South now that we are in it. The plan was to get further West first but best laid plans and all that!
Anyway gotta go.....wish you were here!!! :

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