Saturday, May 17, 2008

Sloooww progress!

Still no wind to speak of! Had a bit of lift from the NE today but have been motoring and motor sailing now for a day and a night and it looks like we will motor all night and hopefully make Kauehi tomorrow PM. The moon is almost full so the nights are easier. Although we are still surprised occasionally by a tropical downpour of rain and one of them had 20 knots of wind in it last lasted all of ten minutes though and was gone!
So during the hot sunny day, we did laundry and hung it out to dry! The lamb roast on the barbq was excellent and we had leftovers tonight!
Not much more to say. This is the longest we have ever motored. I think we will have used more diesel in the last few days than in the entire crossing! Glad we scrubbed the fuel and changed all the filters in Mexico. The oil was changed last week in the Marquesas so it is purring pretty nice....touch wood!
At this rate we should be able to send an update about our first 'tomato' experience after tomorrow! Stay tuned!

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