Thursday, May 15, 2008

Underway...sort of!

Well we have made good about 190 miles in 48 hours! Plagued by light wind since we left, we have averaged under 4 knots. On the brighter side, the seas are calm and the skies are blue with fluffy white clouds. Passed through a couple of squalls last night but very little rain and not much wind in them either. At the moment we are practically adrift and have to reef the main just to keep it from slatting from side to side. It's not uncomfortable but it sure is slow! I guess this must be the
'boring' part people warned us about! Only 330 miles to go to Kauehi!
Also, the propagation is not great so I only seem to be able to connect to send these updates after sundown.
Tarun and Cat's Paw IV managed to get into Manihi and really enjoyed it. Talked to them on the SSB and they are leaving today for Papeete. Also spoke to Rose on Tillicum and they expect to arrive at Kauehi at noon today so we should get a report back from them tonight.
Meanwhile the baguettes we stocked up on make great French toast (seemed appropriate here) and we are coping well...but the trashy novels help!

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