Monday, July 07, 2008

A swim with the rays!

We had dinghied out on the reef to look for the area where we heard people swim with stingrays and sharks...but had no luck finding it. So the next day, yesterday, having spoken to someone, we watched for the small tour boats that bring the hotel tourists out about 10 each morning and when we saw them anchoring on the reef, we jumped in the dinghies and headed for them! We anchored nearby and proceeded to swim towards them but were quickly warned to remove our fins and walk. The water on the reef
shelf was about waist deep and had a light layer of sand on the coral. So we slowly waded towards the group of tourists who were in the water with their guides and feeding fish to the stingrays! As we approached the rays were all around us, huge creatures with three foot wingspans or more and long dangerous looking tails! But they were friendly enough and when one of the guides came over and offered one of us a fish to feed them, they sucked it out of the hand and swarmed around us. With my goggles
on, I stuck my head in the water and noticed about a five foot reef shark circling the outside of the group! Probably why we were asked to stand upright and not splash around. It was a very strange experience, eerie in some ways as these things were capable of hurting you, not to mention the sharks, but they were very friendly and liked being patted.
Today we moved around to Baie de Povai, in front of the famous "Bloody Mary's" restaurant! If you all send one dollar, we might be able to go in for a drink!! Actually the place looks pretty nice and they were very friendly. We have tied to a mooring out front and they say we are welcome if we patronize the place. The list of people that have graced its tables reads like a who's who of Hollywood and other famous people! Everyone from Bill & Melinda to Johnny Depp!

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