Friday, December 31, 2010

missing boats!

Two absent owners of boats that were on the river during the flood have contacted us via comments on the blog or the YouTube video.  I have put in a call to the VMR488 rescue service to get any information on the boats locations.  They are checking records.  I also put out a call to the boats still on the river asking if anyone knows the whereabouts of these two boats.  This is the most information I have at this time.

S/V Kalalau last seen by us on moorings downtown may be hung up behind Spinnakers restaurant.  No confirmation on this but a light blue hull was seen there recently.  Will try to get a confirmation.

S/V SuseaQ last seen by us on moorings in center of river was part of four boats that became entangled and lifted their moorings as they drifted downstream.  The four were in sight for days until the river rose higher and pushed them downstream.  It is believed SuseaQ is stuck behind Paddy's Island but again no confirmation yet.  Just informed by VMR that the owners are flying in from the US and SuseaQ is believed to be behind the island.

Will post a followup if I get further information.

Meanwhile the good news is that the flood waters have receded by approximately 3 meters and the current is slowing. 


bj caldwell said...

Hi Linda just emailed you regarding our 27 footer ISIS - she has a grey hull, a dinghy lashed on the fore-deck, a long VHF aeriel on the stern, white decks, a Fleming windvane on the back - and ISIS is written in lime green on the side of the boat just below the cockpit gunwhales - thank you so much, please email Linda or me: if you hear anything and I can then email you a picture of her as well - I hope you guys are ok...happy new year.

Susan said...

Hi David & Linda. Sorry to hear of your terrible Xmas. We were right where you were at this time last year in Bundy. We stored our boat Daydream in Hervey Bay on the hard and are at home on Vanc Island now. Were looking for flood info and stumbled on your site. We also know Kalalau and see that you are friends with Malachi also. Glad to hear you came out of it all right. We were worried that the docks might have floated right off at Port Bundaberg too. Glad we didn't store the boat anywhere near a river. Incredible record floods. Here's hoping you have a better new year and if you find yourself in Hervey Bay, pls let us know as we'd love someone to have a look at Daydream. Susan & Wayne