Sunday, January 30, 2011

cyclone season in Australia!

Well, the cyclone season is well underway with 'Anthony' hitting the Queensland coast N or us and 'Yasi' cranking up to a Category 4 and forecast to hit the same area of the coast by Thursday.

But stormtracks are unpredictable and can change course and intensity so we stowed the dinghy today and will keep a weather eye out!!!

Saturday, January 22, 2011


Across the road from the marina, in a dip in the grassy field, stepping carefully so as not to disturb any resting snakes, we found a family of kangaroos!  They feed here at dusk and at dawn.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

More flooding in E Australia!

The official death toll is now '12' with many more people missing.  Brisbane and Bundaberg airports are still open but surrounded by water.  Bundaberg is expecting another peak today of 6m, less than the 8m that we had over the holidays but enough to flood businesses and homes in town.  The army is airlifting supplies to stock shelves in stores as people run out of food.
Meanwhile the cyclone season is heating up with one descending on New Caledonia and forecast to turn S towards New Zealand and another over NW Australia and moving towards the coast.  A deep low forming just N of us has the potential to develop into a cyclone.  A very large high pressure system is forming to the W and hopefully will push these lows away from us.
Reminds me of the old Chinese curse...."may you live in interesting times"......