Saturday, April 09, 2011

eating and sleeping in Thailand

We are enjoying the food in Thailand!  On the streets, you can still eat for a dollar or two, not including your beer which can run another dollar.  It can be very spicy, as in the Tom Yam soups or quite bland as the many variations of deep fried pork, chicken, beef or prawns!  Noodles or rice are the staples.  The next step up from eating from the countless carts on every street and alley is the open air food courts or very informal restaurants....only slightly more expensive but you get a plastic table and chair to eat it on.  Then come the mid-range restaurants with proper seating, and likely fans or air conditioning, where you can have a meal for two for under $10, again adding a couple of dollars more if you drink beer with it.  The local beers, Singha from Singapore, Chang from Thailand and Tiger from Malaysia are very popular and the big bottles (equivalent to about two cans) will cost anywhere from 60B to 120B and there are about 30B in a Cdn dollar.  Wine is available but imported and expensive.  Phad Thai, of course, is everywhere and varies considerably in quality.  It is not hard to find Western food if you get a and burger joints abound. 

We have been fairly lucky with hotels although a couple were not up to standard and we moved pretty quickly.  The best way to book them seems to be online where the prices are often cheaper than showing up at the front counter.  The risk is that the pictures do not often reflect the reality.  You can find a room for 200-300B but on viewing them we never found one we could stay in.  Our tastes seem to average about 1500B or $50/night and for that we have been staying in very nice clean safe places usually with a swimming pool.  It's way over our budget but that went out the window long ago!  This is the Mei Zhou Hotel in Phuket, one of our favourites!

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