Sunday, August 28, 2011

tropical infections!

The skipper has had a bit of a run in with the Aussie medical system.....a scratch on the elbow from working on the engine developed into an infection that saw it swell up till it looked like Popeye's arm.....heavy duty i/v antibiotics as well as oral antibiotics were not stopping it so they cut it open and drained it....that did the trick!  Well, till my body exploded in a reaction, likely to the antibiotics....oy vey.....anyway I'm off everything but anti-inflammatories and steroids for the rash and seem to be improving....very interesting country....if it doesn't kill you, it definitely makes you stronger....

.......moral of the infection story matter how small the scratch in the tropics....disinfect it 'immediately'...sterilize it constantly and treat it like your life might depend on it....last time I had one of these we were at sea half way to the marquesas and I cut it open, drained it and went on antibiotics while linda handled the boat as I could not put weight on my foot....scary stuff.....but all in a days work for us cruisers  :)

expect to lift Toketie this week and fly back soon to the 'other'..... 'real' world  !!!!


Anonymous said...

Bummer, ya swab. Be prepared for 'winter' in the PNW! Summer ain't what it used to was!
The former Argonauts

Gmalone said...

My goodness! I hope you are doing a lot better now! Happy and safe sailing