Friday, September 02, 2011

enough 'whingeing' already....

Australia's national passtime....'whingeing'....better known as 'whining' where we come from.....sorry about that little scratch on the elbow stuff.....truth is the cure was almost worse than the disease...would not wish a week in hospital on I checked myself out....declined the followup with the doctors and we have been busy getting Toketie in shape to store her for the next cyclone season!  Townsville Slipways, where we will haul her up on the rail and have a crane lift her into position, is an institution in Australia.  The world has evolved around the site but the old slipways remain much as they have been for many years.  Townsville goes back to 1770 and Captain James Cook but the slipways have been there since 1903.  Coordinating an exact time for when we will be lifted out of the water is turning into an interesting process.  The logistics of juggling the boats on the rails, the tides, the crane etc.....well lets hope it happens this week!

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Yascha said...

what's this I hear about you taking steroids?
You're too old for that stuff!

See you soon!