Sunday, November 02, 2008

Anchor aweigh!

We received McDavitt's weather routing plan and the worst thing on it seemed to be some light wind and some motor sailing. So having no excuse to linger, we upped anchor Monday morn and are now just clearing the bottom of Tongatapu! Wind is fair forward of the beam and Toketie is making close to 5 knots with all sail set. We are heeled moderately to starboard and the seas are not uncomfortable so far. But we expect conditions to vary a lot along the way so more sail changing and course monitoring
I will begin posting our position reports today on winlink and Yotreps. For those who have not looked it up, go to their 'position reporting' site (google will show you the way) and find VA7DXF on the list. That will show a chart of our last reported position!
New Zealand here we come!

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