Wednesday, April 01, 2009

April 2 – still in Opua!

We seem to be delayed in Opua!
We sent the chain and anchors out to be regalvanized and tomorrow it will be a week overdue. We are also waiting for a package of medical supplies to arrive from Auckland. So meanwhile, we work away at the boatchore list and for every one we cross one off, we add two on!  Might be quicker to throw the list away and go hiking!

We have put in a six month supply of provisions though and that took a few trips to various supermarkets. We have located the Fiji clearance and visa application forms and are trying to figure them out! We are also looking into insurance coverage for the bluewater passage up to the islands.

So we still hope to tie up the loose ends here and head off to Great Barrier Island in the Hauraki Gulf for a bit of exploring before returning to Opua to clear customs and await a weather window to head North.

The nice weather ended yesterday with rain and strong winds so we probably would not be going far anyway.

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