Saturday, August 29, 2009

Spectacular skies!

The sunsets have been performing well lately!  Weather is fairly settled right now with hot sunny days and a breeze if we are lucky.  At night it cools off comfortably.  Our daily routine of boat chores to swimming pool to showers to sundowners is mesmerizing us into apathy!  So we have signed up for the festivities next week when the annual Musket Cove Regatta kicks off.  About 80 boats have registered so there should be lots of partying with trips to outer islands and silliness all around.  As the only Canadian boat registered this year, we will have to represent the country!
Linda is off kayaking with a kiwi friend so I might get ambitious and clean the long green slimy stuff off the prop!

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Linda & Jack SV: Wyntersea said...

That is "sailing" the way it is supposed to be. However don't get too comfortable or you will forget how bad it can get during passage.

Who can better represent Canada??
Loves and safe sailing.