Sunday, March 13, 2011


Enjoying the Island of Penang!  Great hotel on the beach, 8th floor corner unit overlooking ocean, jellyfish in the sea, kids in the pool....great openair food market across the street where we have been having thai, malay, chinese, japanes, e indiand and even some yucky western food.....riding buses all over....just spent hours in Ko Lok Si Temple...what an experience.....two days we fly to Bangkok.....


Allan and Chloe said...

Hi David and Linda

Good to meet you first in Langkawi then again in Penang, your blog is fantastic!
You'll be pleased to know that the streetmaps of George Town you donated to us were, today, denoted to another newbie couple on the bus to town today along with some of your top tips that we haven't had time to do.
Off to Singapore tomorrow then home and after six months away it's going to be rough - keep living the dream!

Allan and Chloe

Kari said...

glad you both are having so much fun. Take care, how about posting a pic of the two of you?