Saturday, May 16, 2009

S/V Elusive

Sad to report that last night S/V Elusive reported to Pac Sea Farers that they were taking on water. Within 2 hours she was abandoned. Steve, Wendy and son Allan are all safe on board S/V Scarlett O'Hara who were nearby to assist. We are now sailing on the S edge of a low that is giving us strong winds and big seas. We hope to go around it by tonight and then get back on course for Fiji! All well on board Toketie...though somewhat tired!


Anonymous said...

Hi and Sorry Linda I forgot your b'day as we were at the Squeeze do on Saturday and didn't spot your b'day on the calendar. Hope you had a good one even though you were bouncing around. Hope the weathr has settled down now!!

Love to both, D&A

Anonymous said...

Hi again, Just been onto the Shiptrak sight, Great, look forward to following you each day.