Sunday, May 10, 2009

Adieu NZ?

The large very disturbed low pressure system that has been bringing strong winds and heavy rains to most of NZ is predicted to move off on Wednesday (Monday today)!  And about time too!  So even though it may leave a trail of sloppy seas and unpredictable winds in its wake, we are tired of 'provisioning' for the last time so unless they forecast a tropical storm, we intend to clear out and head North.  Meanwhile we left the mooring in the bay today for a couple of nights at the dock.  We can plug in and charge the batteries, plug in the electric heater and Linda can even use her hair dryer!   The dinghy is hoisted and stowed on deck.  The anchors are lashed down.  Time to get the TV out and watch another episode of 'The Tudors'!!!!

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cy noser said...

Ah yes! The Tudors. Which one are you Captain David? Not an appealing choice. Aside from a couple of youths who expired prematurely, you have to choose between a miserly usurper and a lecherous wife slayer, while the First Mate has the option of the greatest monarch in English history!

All looks and sounds well. May it ever be thus.