Thursday, May 28, 2009

Suva, Fiji!

May 29, 2009 and we have now had our first good nights sleep in two weeks!  After the 50 kt winds and big seas that struck us as we approached the Koro Sea, and then losing our engine, we are relieved to be here safely.  We did have to be towed in but that is working out well as the engineering firm that ran the salvaged tug also lent us one of their mechanics to help diagnose the engine problem.  Seems the cork gaskets they used to seal the access hatches to the fuel tanks in Mexico disintegrated and clogged the fuel lines.  The good news is that no damage was done to the injectors and the fuel pump did not fail, either of which would have been expensive to repair.  So the engine is running again and we only have to clean out the tanks and replace the gaskets.  Another post-Mexican poor quality of work symptom!
So though we are anchored in a dirty busy commercial port in Suva, the capital of Fiji, we actually really like it here.  It is very 'real'!  The little yacht club is friendly and the Fiji Gold beer is cold and cheap.  You have to watch for hustlers and pickpockets if you go downtown but most people are very pleasant.
We will get the engine sorted out and think about exploring some of the more remote islands next week!  Sorry for the delay in communications!  Had very low battery power after attempts at engine repair at sea!

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Anonymous said...

So pleased you are safe and sound even if a little dirty!! All's well here.

Luv to both, D&A