Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Toketie's TODO lists!

Toketie's 'todo' lists come in many flavours! The hastily scribbled
note on a yellow sticky! Or worse the hastily scribbled note on a
scrap piece of paper! The formal organized list for the day! Or the
formal organized list for the particular marina or anchorage. Then,
of course, each list will have the critical 'must do' items, perhaps
prior to sailing or prior to a passage! And then there are the 'would
like to do' items that are usually the ones scribbled on any available
paper as they usually occur to us while underway or busy with
something else! And then there are the 'dream on' items, things we
would like to do but can't foresee a time when we can afford them.
Routine day to day things that never make the list but take up a lot
of time include preparing meals, shopping, cleaning the galley, doing
the laundry etc..
But whatever flavour they come in, there is usually at least one list
at any time. Occasionally they are consolidated and maybe even
prioritized. I know it sounds pretty anal for the cruising lifestyle!
But we find that if we don't make note of these things and refer to
the notes, there is less chance of things getting done. And most days
we can wake up and look at the list and decide what we feel like doing that day…if anything! We try to cross an item or two off the list each day. That way, we can enjoy the rest of the day without feeling guilty about not getting anything done, you know, that nagging feeling that you should be working instead of snorkelling or hanging out at the pool!
The list(s) are like an accordion though. It seems that whenever something gets crossed off of it, two more things get added on! But that is the nature of the list! And slowly things get done and we can look around at our cozy little floating home and feel good about it!
Bigger items, like the recent repainting of the decks, require lots of planning and resources (like money)! Smaller items only require that you find the necessary pieces and tools, usually well hidden or buried at the bottom of a locker. So often the smallest task can turn drawers or lockers upside down to accomplish. But then everything goes back to its place and life returns to whatever 'normal' is on

For example, at the moment the list is down to the following:
Rig lazy jacks
Soak rusty tools in diesel
Polish and remount brass bell
Test HF radio
Support for cockpit table
Call Willie to schedule paint touch-up
Refasten lifeline netting
Clear out V berth
2 cycle oil and diesel oil
Battery water
New fire extinguisher

So if you thought we were just lolly-gagging about in paradise here,
well we do a bit of that but…..oops….gotta go….the list is calling!

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