Saturday, July 03, 2010

The TradeWinds!

The trades have finally arrived!  Steady and strong from the SE....bringing lower temperatures and very cool nights to Fiji!  Makes for much more comfortable days.....and nights you can actually fall asleep in!  The locals are quick to put on sweaters and jackets but for us hardy Canucks....going from 30C+ degrees to 26 on board is easy to take. 

We have bent the sails back on to Toketie!  She rocks gently at the slip and teases us with her desire to leave the confines of the marina and once more feel the wind in her sails and the water gliding past her keel!

This week we hope to escape to Musket Cove and relax on the hook briefly while we plan our next leg!  There is so much more of Fiji to explore but New Caledonia beckons so the plan at the moment is to sail 700nm West to sample the baguettes before carrying on to Australia......

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