Thursday, August 30, 2012

A true Canadian Welcome!

Prospects were looking bleak...after close to 7000 nm from Aus, we found ourselves a day off the coast of BC, with no wind and no diesel!! But the Gods were kind and smiled down on us...a ship appeared on the AIS and on further investigation turned out to be the Canadian Coast Guard Science/Research vessel "JP Tully" I called them up and asked if they could spare a bit of fuel! Two hours later, 80 liters more diesel in the tanks and we are steaming under moonlight on a calm sea! And they gave us two containers of home made chocolate chip cookies!! Now isn't that a true Canadian welcome!
A few glitches with air in the fuel lines were resolved and hopefully solved the problem. Not to temp fate but with luck and continuing on our current course, we could be at the entrance to Juan de Fuca Straight before midnight on Wed...another 65 miles overnight could see us in the inner harbor sometime Thurs....keep your fingers, toes, ankles and arms crossed for us as we are ready to come home!!

Well, the trials were not over and the engine quit several times. Hours spent bleeding air out of the lines and transferring fuel proved futile but changing all four fuel filters seems to have done the trick. We are now motoring up Juan de Fuca Straight and could be in the inner harbor by midnight....Neptune willing!


Anonymous said...

The end of a bloody long voyage! Congrats on ya, mate.
Anon Y Mouse

Anonymous said...

Great adventure, will look for you in the Inner Harbour tomorrow morning
be seain ya
Pete & Wendy

Anonymous said...

Congrats, Skipper - amazing job


Ross Bond said...

Hope you are eating your greens now, and that this time you at least got wet above the waist. Brenda says she is not getting out next time and refuses to kick anymore.

Cheers and regards from the p. pointers