Monday, August 27, 2012

end game!

The home stretch, as it were! And what a stretch! After the cold, the fog, the beating to windward, the calms and heavy winds, you would think Canada would be opening its arms to welcome us through our ordeal! But we are having to work for every mile, currently headwinds are making it difficult to close the coast. Having come through the squash zone between High and Low pressure systems, with only 260nm to the entrance of Juan de Fuca, the winds have gone light and right on the nose! If we had 60 more liters of diesel, we could motor all the way but we have to save what we have for the straight with its tides and busy shipping! Getting tired of pasta, rice, crackers....down to last can of chicken so maybe one more curry. Looking forward to fresh fruit, salads, anything green and some protein on the barbeque!! Soon we hope!

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